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Book One in The Falling Stars Series

Christopher Mason leads the biggest rock band on the charts. He's hot, he's famous and everything a rock star can be. When he meets fellow lead singer, Mia Ryder, she's energetic, fun, and laid-back. Mia is everything Chris isn't and he isn't going to stand by while her vagina powered band ride the coattails of his fan base.

But Chris's demons have grown so powerful he's about to lose everything, including his sanity. Until one night changes everything.

Now, the one thing he's been trying to eliminate is the ONLY thing he's been sure of and she hates him.

~ Slow burn rocker romance ~


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Novella One in The Falling Stars Series

(Not A Standalone)

In Falling Stars, you were introduced to The Forgotten and Hush (Hushed Mentality), their lives written for the world to read. In this follow up novella, find out what happens after the tours have ended. 

Who can persevere under the pressure of love in the public eye? Who will fall apart? And who will become almost unrecognizable?

Some stars last for an eternity, some stars fade, and others evolve.

** Not a stand alone. To fully follow this novella, I suggest you first read Falling Stars. **

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Book Two in The Falling Stars Series

(Standalone Readable)

Jackson's an addict, and just one taste puts him back in the precarious position of falling in love with a woman who's mastered the art of ensnaring and teasing. 

When you're Jackson Shaw, guitarist of The Forgotten, and your hearts been broken, shattered by the deception of a woman you thought was the one. You can't hide from cameras and millions of fans hanging on every dirty detail printed and posted.

What you can do, is swear off love and dull the ache with gorgeous women who look nothing like that girl who tore you apart. A supermodel girlfriend and sexplicit escapades splashed across the tabloids is the ultimate revenge. It's also the perfect way to hide your pain in the media. But when the ache turns to a hollow pit, and there isn't enough sex, drugs, or alcohol to fill the emptiness, what do you do?

You cut your losses and head to L.A. to mentor the latest reality talent show. You follow an old friend into a world where the art of the tease and bump and grind were perfected. Where the sound of her voice calls to every primal instinct buried within your body and makes the demand for your attention.

Jackson's an addict, and just one taste puts him back in the precarious position of falling in love with a woman who's mastered the art of ensnaring and teasing.

** Contains drugs, alcohol, sex, dirty talk, a rejected rock star who doesn't need or want love, and a single mother who's done everything within her power to take care of her family & Snozzberries **


Novella Two in The Falling Stars Series

(Not A Standalone)

Christopher Mason got more than he dared to believe he deserved; the perfect woman, a love deeper than the emotional scars he carries, and a family. But in true Chris fashion, the greedy asshole wants more. He won't settle for anything less than a legally binding, last name changing event. One that can't take place soon enough.

What he isn't ready for is a discovery that will take him back to a dark place, one he refuses to repeat, but sometimes we find our largest revelations hiding in our darkest fears.

Mia and Hush are at the top of their game in the rock world. Deemed the current Queen of Rock, Mia is feeling the pressure as well as the love from the industry. She's also not happy with the lengths Chris has gone to for their wedding, but her love for the big asshole, and his unwavering devotion to her, is greater than her frustration. 

Then a realization puts the two of them on opposite sides and Mia fears this is the one thing their love won't be able to overcome. For the first time, Mia's own fears and emotional turmoil might outweigh Christopher.

You're cordially invited as Christopher lays his final claim.

** Not a stand alone. To fully follow this novella, I suggest you first read all previous books. **

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Book Three in The Falling Stars Series

(Standalone Readable)

Sidra Campbell lives by a hump-him-and-dump-him rule. No love, no messy emotional strings, means no chance of losing control – again. She came to L.A. to support her cousin Liza, but she's also running from the vicious cycle she left behind in Pennsylvania.

Unfortunately for her, two men aren't making life easy. One invokes the haunting nightmare of a past she's fought hard to be a survivor and not a victim. And another so tempting, so persuasive, she reinforces the wall around her heart and dons her mask to keep the behemoth out. To everyone else, she appears confident and happy, but they’re always the ones hiding the deepest pain.

Xavier Stone, former drummer to one of the greatest rock bands, Corrosive Velocity, has lost his band and his marriage. Finding himself a full-time single dad and in threat of losing once again, he's barely hanging on. When Sid enters his life, intelligent, curvy, a mouth that won't quit, and a porn collection larger than his own, he's a goner. 

He can't stay out of her space or keep his hands to himself. But she hates him. At least, that's what the mask of insults and indifference she wears wants him to believe, but her kiss tells another story. Xavier has lost too much. She may not be happy about it and can run all she wants, but Xavier's done losing.

When two explosive personalities collide, one tries to run and the other snares.


Novella Three in The Falling Stars Series

(Standalone Readable)

One Rocker. 
One Diva. 
One weekend in Vegas to get it right.

Known for his outlandish and often law breaking onstage performances, the fans of Vehicle of Destruction have expectations from America's number one bad boy of rock. Zarek Sisko hates to disappoint, but something’s not the same. Something changed him. She changed him.

The world of opera is cutthroat and Gemma Harper, the latest diva in demand, knows this all too well. She's a natural, commanding an operatic performance with minimal training, but her pink hair, facial piercings, and tattoos negate her talent in most professional's eyes. Gemma's fought her entire life to get what she wants, and now that she's here, there's no backing down. She's no quitter…well there was that one time. She quit on Him.


Once upon a time, two people from different worlds collided, and it was everything they never expected. Until it wasn't and one walked away.

Pretending you don't know someone is exhausting. Acting like someone means absolutely nothing to you isn't easy. Especially when fate keeps throwing them back in your life.

~ The first standalone novella in The Falling Stars Series ~
** Exclusive Holiday Short Stories featuring your favorite Falling Stars characters included. (Prior books needed to fully follow the short stories **

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