Author Sadie Grubor

"The haunting pools of dark chocolate drew me in and made my skin crackle. She was beautiful, breathtakingly so. Before this moment, I don't think I truly realized just how beautiful she is. A new ache formed in my chest." 

Christopher Mason, front man of the band The Forgotten, is hot, famous, and everything you would expect from a famous rock star. He’s cocky, demanding, beautiful, and pained. Despite his fame and beautiful bad boy appearance, he’s battling age-old demons on the inside. Demons so powerful, they have the potential to destroy him and his band. He’s the ultimate falling star. Something so beautiful within the atmosphere, but so hazardous when trying to catch. You always wish on a falling star, but is all hope lost? Mia Ryder, lead vocalist of the band Hushed Mentality, is energetic, fun, and laidback. The good girl rocker willing to tame this falling star. Her band just made it big and fighting the temptation is hard. She’s handling lesser demons of her own. Give in to this bad boy or live for her band? Being everything that Christopher isn’t may just burn her in the end. Determined to get rid of the girl group plaguing his tour, Christopher will do almost anything. Mia fights him head on, causing a cataclysm of stars to shoot into the most beautiful performance of falling stars. Every dog has their day, will Christopher’s behavior become enough to bring this dog down? Within the downfall, Christopher Mason becomes sure of one thing, and it's the one thing he's tried so hard to push away. Will Mia be strong enough to catch a falling star?

The Forgotten Soul Abandonment tour KICK OFF date: 10/16/2013


Copyright © Sadie Grubor. All rights reserved.

I know, this has been done with other books.  HOWEVER, this is a rock star romance and I like to draw emotion from different songs/music.  So, I've created a playlist on YouTube and my website where you can listen to the exact playlist I did.  On top of that, I'm going to provide you with a few specific songs/bands who were a HUGE inspiration to my characters:
Hushed Mentality – Band Inspiration:  The Black Sheep
The Forgotten – Band Inspiration: Stone Sour/SlipKnot (the sound not the appearance)
Christopher specific songs: I'm A Monster by Ours Creep by Radiohead Hate Me by Blue October Mia specific songs: Fireless by The Black Sheep (version with the big cello band orchestra) Nobody Knows by The Black Sheep
Love is a Battlefield by Pat Benatar

Want more???  Jump over to my playlist on YouTube:



Christopher When Nicholas called us up to the conference room to meet with the pop tart princesses, I was reluctant to show up. However, Nicholas played the father card on me. I walked in and took in the appearance of four girls at the table. Una introduced them.  Kat is a platinum blonde with purple-streaked haired, who looks like she should be modeling bathing suits. However, the large sleeve tattoo and lip ring probably made that career path impossible. Laney, a small girl with spiked pink hair, a toothy smile, and an apparent case of over activeness, bounced in her seat. I was sure if I looked under the table, her leg would be going a mile a minute. Full-breasted Serena had curly, neon red hair. The Monroe piercing in her lip was hot. Then, Mia, dressed in an oversized, long sleeved T-Shirt. From what I could see, she was a thin girl with long, black hair, a small diamond in her nose, and haunting, dark eyes. The way her eyes drew you in was all consuming. The attraction sparked my irritation to a higher level of anger. They sat there staring at us until Elliott spoke. The damned idiot couldn't just keep his mouth shut so we could get out of here. Mia spoke and I couldn't help but snort. She isn't going to last. I'm going to make her like so fucking miserable, this wanna-be rocker will be begging to leave the tour in no time. She shot me a look filled with irritation and hate. Bring it on, little girl. You have no idea who you are messing with. Nicholas excused us from the room and directed us toward our scheduled photo shoot for our cover. We had to take care of it today even though we'd to be back in two days for another round of promotional tour photos. "Christopher?" Nicholas asked, not bothering to hide his annoyance. Shit, here we go. 'Chris you need to be a professional…' "Nicholas?" Richard stopped Nic before he could scold me. Ha, looks like you're going to get it first. Standing there, I watched my father's face fill with shame and irritation. Richard's looked stern. Their voices were too low for me to hear anything. With a nod, Nicholas shook Richard's hand and headed toward me. "Son, could you please attempt to be civil?" I began to walk away but he kept pace with me. "Please, Christopher? You're going to be on tour for almost ten months. You can either make this easier on everyone, or harder," he exhaled harshly. "Hey, I already told you I'm not happy about this. I think there are better options than this chick group. I'm not going to pretend to be happy or even okay with it." I wanted him to shut the hell up. "You don't have to like them, Christopher, but you do have to work with them. So, I suggest you get off your fucking high horse, man up, and do your job." Shock slowed my pace. Nicholas doesn't swear. At all. He believes it to be undignified and unintelligent. He quickly out stepped me and took the lead to the studio downstairs. I caught up with him. Before I could argue, he began again. "You don't have to be friends with them, but you do have to be professional. That's all I'm asking. No, that's all I'm requiring from you." "Fine," I growled. We didn't say anything else. We didn't have to. It didn't matter anyhow after seeing how easily I could irritate Mia. My plan would work and would work quickly. Reaching the studio a couple of floors down, I entered the dressing room. My band mates assaulted me with their opinions about those damn girls. "Did you see how fucking hot they are?" Jimmy boasted and slouched into a chair. "Damn," he purred. "Dude, the red head almost did me in with the Monroe piercing. Then, the long black-haired chick? Fuck me. She bit her bottom lip and I almost burst in my pants!" 
Elliott fist bumped Jimmy from the seat next to him. I rolled my eyes. "What about you, man?" I looked up at Jimmy's question, but he was talking to Jackson. He shrugged. "They're attractive." "Bullshit, douche bag, which one?" Elliott asked, pursing his lips and eyeing Jackson from the corner of his eye. Jackson smirked. "The tiny, little, pink-haired girl was too damn cute, man." He shook his head and lightly laughed. "You know I'm a sucker for tiny girls." Elliott burst into a chortle and Jimmy laughed with him. "Jesus, leave it to the giant to want to get with the dwarf," Jimmy snorted. "Hey, I can't help it if I prefer my women eye level with my zipper," Jackson retorted with a cocky smile. "Hell yeah, you sick bastard!" Elliott excitedly agreed. "How‘bout you, Chris? I bet it's the blonde one, huh? She looks your type." Jackson shot the question with a nod. I glowered at him, but refused to respond. "Oh, Christ, super emo boy is in full effect today," Elliott groaned. "Where's your cape?" he mocked. Without lifting my head from the couch I'd sprawled across, I gave him my middle finger. "Don't get too comfortable with them." Eyes now closed, I let a happy grin form. "What the fuck are you up to now?" Jackson asked suspiciously. I remained quiet and returned my attention to my plan. ***** Two days later, we were back for more photos. Entering Nobil Records in the late morning, I saw Tonya at her usual post in the receptionist seat. She fluttered her eyes and tried waving seductively. I turned my head without acknowledging her. The bitch needed to get a fucking hint. She slept with my fucking brother. I refuse to get my dick wet knowing Jackson’s been there too. I shuddered and we groggily climbed onto the elevator, heading down to the photo studio for the promo shots. "Don't ever let me drink that much again," Elliott groaned, his temple pressed to the wall of the elevator. The elevator dinged and Elliott shushed it. We busted up laughing and walked off. "That's what you get for doing body shots all night," Jackson lectured. "Dude, you saw how hot the dancer was," Elliott defended. "You're just jealous." He smiled crookedly at Jackson. "Jealous of what?" Jackson chuckled. "You, passed out drunk? By the way, Chris fucked her in the men's room." Elliott's face dropped. "What?" he whined. Jimmy patted my back, laughing. "Well played, Chris." "God damn it," Elliott growled. We entered the studio and immediately rushed into make-up. Each of us took a chair waiting for the stylist and make-up artist to arrive. After about fifteen minutes, they finally showed. "Sorry, guys, we had to do some touch-ups on the first group," Layla apologized as she picked up her sponges and tubes. "First group?" Jimmy questioned while Meghan was working on his bleached platinum head. Honestly, dude had no hair. Why in the hell was she wasting time on him? "Yeah, they were brought in earlier. You know how it is, girls take longer than guys." She smiled and kept working. I sat back and relaxed while she finished up. We were all in there for about an hour before Nicholas arrived. "I want you all on your best behavior. We're shooting the tour promos today." That's when it clicked. Tour promos. Girls. First group. It was the damn vagina gang. Quickly, I moved out of the dressing room to see if they were still here, but wardrobe grabbed us and pulled us in to change. Finally able to get the dressers off me, I stepped out into the large room with the photo stage. There they were, standing grouped together with the photographer fawning over them. I felt the guys approach and stand around me. "They are so fucking hot!" Elliott said loudly next to my ear. My brow creased. Jesus Christ, they aren't that fucking hot. I know hot, these girls are mediocre. "I agree," Jimmy said, licking his lips. Jackson just stared with his mouth slightly open. "Will you guys suppress your raging, sixteen-year-old hard-ons for, like, two minutes?" I scoffed. "This coming from Mister ‘come on, I'll fuck you in the men's room'," Elliott laughed loudly. "You know that Blondie is on your to-do list. And, before you ask, no, I will not do body shots with her so you can get her." They all laughed. I crossed my arms over my chest and watched. The girls waited to begin the pictures. They were standing beside the stage area while some roadies set up more props. They stepped to their instruments, a drum set with lips all over it and three guitars. Tiny grabbed the purple glitter-covered guitar. The second was a bright yellow bass that Blondie slipped over her shoulder. The last was a green guitar with a picture of Kermit the Frog. Mia grabbed it. They each took their place and the set director turned on some music. Mia stood front and center with a guitar swung around to her back. "I want you to sing with the song for the shots," the photographer instructed. "Sing like you guys are rehearsing." Mia swung the green guitar in front of her and moved her fingers across the strings. Holding it low, she grabbed the microphone stand and started to sing. Surprise filled me as her voice saturated the air from the radio. However, the studio could do whatever they wanted with a sound table and editing equipment. "Okay, now give me an actual stage performance," the photographer shouted. Mia moved around the stage, leaning toward the photographer as if he were the crowd while interacting with the others in the group. "Kill me now," Elliot groaned and leaned against me, biting his fist. I gave him a confused look. "The red-head," he growled out. "Her tongue is all over her lips while she…look," he groaned and pointed. Sure enough, as she played her drums her tongue would peek out from behind her lips. I nudged Elliott off me. “Damn, Una wasn’t lying, they’re good,” Jimmy said. I grunted. “You guys didn’t Google them?” Jackson asked, looking at us astounded. "I did," Elliott spoke up with a proud smile and a fist pump into the air. "I can't believe neither of you bothered to listen to the group scheduled to open for us," Jackson said, shaking his head. "Shut up!" Jimmy said, and I nodded in agreement. I was too busy planning their replacement. The thought brought a small smile to my lips. Suddenly, the set director approached us to come toward the stage. The girl's props were removed and the crew was setting up for our first shots. "Wait," the set director said loudly. "Nicholas, Una, do we want a group shot?" Nicholas looked hesitant to answer. He looked to Una. Una said something, shrugged, and then nodded. "Yes, just a few," Nicholas answered for them. The set director shouted to some assistant to get the girls to come back to the stage. "This will be fantastic," the photographer said proceeding to move the lighting around and change camera lenses. The girls looked extremely hesitant and Mia rolled her eyes when she caught my glare. Once they were on stage with us, it looked like a cooties war, both bands keeping to their groups. "Mingle! Mingle!” The director ordered. "What do you want us to do?" Red asked with her hands on her hips. I watched Elliott walk over and wrap his arm around her shoulders. He smiled large just before picking her up, bridal style. I stayed off to the side watching him in disdain. Everyone else laughed. I heard the photographer taking advantage of the moment with the sound of his shutter clicking rapidly. "That's perfect, keep it up…everyone join in," the director shouted, walking up to push us further together. I bumped into Mia and felt a jolt. She looked at me quickly, blushed, and walked away. The next thing I knew, Tiny was wrapping one arm in mine while looping her other arm with Jackson's. I looked over in time to see Mia hop onto Jimmy's back. I scowled. The crew brought out a large red velvet couch. Elliott sat dead center with Jimmy to his left and Jackson to his right. Tiny sat on the arm of the couch leaning toward Jackson with her hand behind his head. Blondie had the other arm. Red lay across the guys' laps. I walked over and stood behind the couch and Elliott's head. Leaning forward, I placed my hands on the back and eyed Mia. She sat on the floor between Elliott's legs, Indian style, with her head leaning on his knee. Fighting the urge to roll my eyes, I put on my photo face. After the small jolt from our brief moment of touching, I couldn't fight this weird pull toward her. I kept trying to shake off the unfamiliar feeling as we positioned and repositioned. The photographer clicked away the entire time. "Let's get the leads together," the director announced. "I haven't seen one with you two anywhere near each other." Mia sighed loudly. She stood from the floor, turned around, and gave me a glare that could freeze hell over. I smirked. "What's wrong, dear Mia? Don't want to be alone with me? Am I a distraction for you?" I figured arrogance would be the way to go with a chick like her. "Look, Mason, let's just get this over with and get out of each other's way." She climbed onto the couch and sat on the back with her hands at her sides. I took the opportunity and pushed her legs apart, making her eyes widen. Then, I plopped down between her legs in the center of the couch and pulled her arms around to rest on my shoulders. Wrapping one arm around her leg, my hand rested on her thigh. The photographer was eating this shit up. Inching my fingers slowly up her thigh, she growled before climbing off the couch. "Let's get a few more poses," the photographer shouted. I smirked when she growled again. She was making this too easy. Grabbing her arm, I pulled her down onto the couch to lie on top of my chest. She pushed up, one hand on the couch beside my head and the other on my chest. "Look here." We both turned to the photographer who snapped away. I put my right arm behind my head and grinned, sliding my left hand from her waist toward her ass. She sat up quickly, making sure to push extra hard into my chest and smacking my head with her hand. She stood smiling. That bitch! Jolting upright onto the couch with my back against the armrest and one leg stretched out, I pulled her back down and positioned her against my chest. She brought both of her legs up to her chest and wrapped her arms around them. Leaning back, I rested my arms on the back of the couch and the armrest. After the final shot, she started to move. I bucked my hips to thrust directly into her ass. She jumped off the couch. "You're such and asshole!" she yelled. “You loved it,” I leered and she glared. “Call me anytime you want to do that in private.” After blowing a kiss, I stood from the couch. Before I saw it coming, she grabbed a cushion from the couch and hit me. The whole room gasped. Then snorts turned into bursts of laughter, the closest laugh coming from Mia. “Don’t touch me again!” She pointed at me, trying to keep a straight face. Then she stalked off. The angry twitch of her hips drew my attention to her dark, denim-clad ass. Well, well, what do we have here? Underneath it all, Mia had a spectacular ass. Perhaps I'd been too hasty in my 'thin' assessment. In fact, feeling her against me wasn't too bad either. Maybe she would be good for something during the tour after all. If I can't get rid of her, at least I can fuck her regularly. Looking up, Nicholas gave me the familiar look of disappointment mixed with anger. His long strides made it clear I was about to get a lecture from my father-slash-manager. It wouldn't be the first time or the last.